Partners in Ministry: Help and Encouragement for Ministry Wives

Ministry. There's nothing else quite like it. That's why I love getting face-to-face and knee-to-knee with other ministry wives and peppering them with questions. How do you do this? How do you handle that? 

That's also why I frequently write about being a ministry wife: I know I'm not the only one with more questions than answers. Certainly, I'm not the only one struggling to get it right.  

Ministry is simply not something to go at alone. We need other women beside us who are working through the complexities and joys of ministry, we need to learn from their successes and mistakes, and we need the encouragement from others who understand what it's like to be in ministry.

Although ministry is not something to go at alone, many ministry wives feel alone and isolated by their role. They desire to be faithful, but they also crave soul-nourishment and encouragement.

I am just such a ministry wife, and perhaps you are as well. Let me walk with you. Let's do this together.

I have written about my own experiences in ministry on this blog for years, all of which I've compiled into an ebook, Partners in Ministry: Help and Encouragement for Ministry WivesWritten for women serving in any variety of ministries (in established churches, in church plants, on the mission field, in ministry organizations) and in a variety of roles, the book is meant both as a resource and an encouragement.

So you know that in what you're feeling and what you're experiencing you're not alone.

The ebook is divided into six parts, each part packed with essays that both speak to the heart and offer practical help for ministry. Below are the six parts and a sample of the writing you'll find in each.

Lessons Learned in Ministry (see sample)
The Ministry Wife's Role (see sample)
Helps for the Ministry Wife (see sample)
When You're Hurting, Tired, or Discouraged (see sample)
Friendship and Ministry (see sample)
Specifically for Sundays (see sample)

What readers are saying:
"I wanted to tell you what a tremendous impact that this book, Partners in Ministry, made in my life and my calling as a pastor's wife. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I have had a complete paradigm shift as to my calling and giftings. I will be passing this book on to many." --Staci

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