Hi! My name is Christine. I am the lone female in the house that I share with my husband Kyle, our three boys, and a fish named Fred.

Kyle and I have been married since 2000. He is the church planting pastor of a church in Charlottesville, Virginia, and I am a stay-at-home mom, writer, and ministry sidekick to Kyle. Prior to planting our church in 2008, Kyle served as the college pastor at a church in College Station, Texas.

I am the author of The Church Planting Wife, which details our personal experience planting a church and offers help and hope to wives of church planters who are plowing fields all across the globe in Christ's name. 

My second book, From Good to Grace: Letting Go of the Goodness Gospel, debunks the false gospel of saved by grace, sanctified by trying hard and illustrates how the gospel of Christ applies to our lives after salvation.

What I Blog About

Living from Grace 
Yes, grace covers me. But, if you are in Christ, it covers you too! So I hope every time you type in my blog address or see my posts come up in your feed, you whisper to yourself, "Yes, grace covers me." I named the blog based on how the grace of Christ has changed my entire life. Because He has, I want to remind you of His grace so that, in big ways or small, He can change yours too. If you're here looking for a little grace (and who isn't?), you might want to start here:
Leading from Grace
I am also passionate about ministry and, because of my own experience, I have a special affection for wives of pastors and wives of church planters. For many years, I wrote on this blog about my thoughts and experiences as a church planting pastor's wife. Although everything I write will always be flavored with my perspective as a leader and a pastor's wife, I'm moving the blog in a slightly different direction. Because of this, I compiled my ministry-related posts into two full-length ebooks for readers like you who could use a little encouragement in your ministry.

The first is Partners in Ministry: Help and Encouragement for Ministry Wives. You can find out more about the ebook here or purchase it on Amazon or iTunes.

The second is Partners in Planting: Help and Encouragement for Church Planting Wives. You can find out more about the book here. It is available for $2.99 on Amazon.

Won't You Stay Awhile?
I'm glad you've found my little corner of the web. I enjoy writing and it's my prayer that God uses these words to bless, challenge, and encourage you. If you could use a fresh dose of grace in your life several times a week, I invite you to subscribe to my blog by email, Feedly, or Bloglovinfollow me on Twitter, or connect with me on Facebook. Thank you!

Happy Reading!
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